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Aretusa Suite

The myth of Aretusa outlines a spiritual direct connect between Greece and Syracuse.
 And it is referring to connect this ideal that the name chosen for this wonderful suites fell precisely on Aretusa. Indeed from the balconies of this suite can admire a beautiful view looking out over the sea that surrounds the 'island of Ortigia where Aretusa turned into source..

The story of the Argonauts began when Jason and his companions must display
Greece in the Vello d 'magical gold of mutton, guarded in Colchis.
They start with a ship named "Argo" The name given to this suite is linked to the fact that she faces the Via degli Argonauts (now Via Sbarcadero At St Lucia) in front of the ancient Greek Arsenal. The story tells that the Ancient Greeks usufruissero this Arsenal to build their powerful ships, and they were sliding along the 'old way of Argonauts to reach the Little Harbour, and from there into the deep.

Dionisio Suite

Dionisio is the name of the two tyrants, father and son, who have succeeded, between the fifth and fourth century BC, in power in Syracuse. The traces left in Syracuse from these two tyrants lead to the creation of an artificial structure, known as Ear of Dionysius, which is similar to the auricle. The name given to the suite is linked to the fact that assa overlooking the Via Riviera Dionisio feature  the Great.

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