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Lakkios Residence - Vista frontale

The Lakkios Residence is born
in one mansion of aim '800
entire restored and brought back
to the ancients splendors using
material of valuable invoice
maintaining the style of that age.

The restoration jobs has been
completed approximately in three years.
At its inside are accommodated
three wonderful suite furnished
with extreme taste
and cured in every particular.


The chosen names for these suites are inspired to the ancient Greek mythology
of which Siracusa was for centuries the maximum expression.
The names are:  AretusaArgonautiDionisio.

The rooms reflect the history of ancient Greece, they in fact lead
Names:: Diocle, Cyane e Minerva

Lakkios Residence - Vista su Ortigia 

They are dipped in the magnificent frame of the Small Port
from which you will admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of Syracuse.The property also has a large free parking.


Lakkios Residence - Zona colazione  

Lakkios Residence - Via Dello Sbarcadero S.Lucia 2/A  -  96100 Siracusa (Sicily-Italy).
Tel.: +39 0931 465468,  +39 338 1618853 - P.IVA 01456810892 - info@lakkiosresidence.it