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Ingrrsso Lakkios Residence

The Lakkios Residence is suited on the wonderful Small Port context.
It's near to Ortygia Island and all the most important monuments.
From Small Port youn can reach Ortigia and (on summer season)
the most important Syracuse beach, by boat service.

Now you can view the trip details
from Catania Airport to Lakkios Residence

Driving distance: 65 kilometres
Total travel time: 1 hour 10 min.

Follow the detailed trip board:

1) At the Airport exit you have to following the S.S.114-E45 for 54 Km until the highway exit (Siracusa Sud).
2) At the highway exit (Siracusa Sud) follows for Siracusa.
3) After the first roundabout turn on the left and follow the Viale Paolo Orsi.
4) At the first semaphore turn left for Viale Teracati.
5) After 200 m. there is another semaphore.You have to turn on the right and follow Viale Teocrito.
6) You have to pass another roundabout and another semaphore.
7) From semaphore, and after 300 mt., you have to turn on the right for Via Piave.
8) Follow Via Piave for 650 mt. until Porto Piccolo and you reach the Lakkios Residence.

In case of trouble don't esitate to call at :
+39 0931 465468
+39 338 1618853

Calcola percorso da:
Aeroporto di Catania

Lakkios Residence - Via Dello Sbarcadero S.Lucia 2/A  -  96100 Siracusa (Sicily-Italy).
Tel.: +39 0931 465468,  +39 338 1618853 - P.IVA 01456810892 - info@lakkiosresidence.it